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Motorised Earth Auger

The STIHL BT131 handheld, motorised earth auger, has a powerful and fuel-efficient petrol engine. The ergonomic design allows for better control and comfort, whilst mitigating fatigue.

The high performance and lightweight tool is ideal for digging holes for posts and fence installation. The auger can also be utilised for large planting projects, construction projects and environmental restoration.

Key features: 

  • Control handle with stop button
  • STIHL Quickstop® auger brake (the brake is designed to automatically stop the auger bit from turning if it hits a hard underground impediment)
  • 4-MIX® engine with enlarged fuel tank (works longer with fewer refuels)
  • Long-life air filter system (vertical pleated air filter for improved air supply quality and extended service life)
  • Semi-automatic choke lever (enables a simplified starting procedure that reduces the chance of flooding)
  • Low-vibration handle frame
  • Large support cushion

Note: the BT131 90mm spiral Auger bit is sold separately. A shaft extension is also available for extending the earth auger bit in deep bore holes - available to order on request.


Description Motorised Earth Auger
Performance  1.4kW
Capacity 36.3cm cubed
Weight (without fuel & drilling bit) 10kg
Speed (max power) 8.500Um
Qty / pack Each