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Brunton Map Multi-Tool Card

The Brunton Map Multi-Tool Card combines rulers, protractors, map scales and UTM grids into a useful, compact tool. Ideal for geologists and other similar field professionals. The map multitool card can easily be stored in vest pockets, field pouches or notebooks when not in use. 


  • Lightweight, waterproof and durable card
  • Weather resistant
  • Unique cut-outs make it easier to plot points or lines on maps

Card data includes: 

  • Inch/10ths and cm/mm rulers
  • Map rulers for various map scales
  • Romer Scales for UTM grids at various map scales
  • 360˚ protractor with unique open circle and strike & dip crosshairs


    Description Brunton Map Multi-Tool Card
    Dimensions 76 x 152 x 7mm (3 x 6 x 0.03”)
    Weight 11.3g (0.4oz)