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PVC Flagging Tape

The bright PVC flagging tapes are highly visible for easy identification and with 12 colours to choose from, you can colour code to represent various categories or demarcate different areas. Our colourful flagging tape is ideal for flagging, sorting, field grading, harvesting and surveying work. Field surveyors can mark out boundaries for land exploration projects and forestry work, as well as to show where surveying will take place. 

Labelling is stress-free, as there’s no smudging when writing on the matt finish PVC tape. It’s easy to tear and tie anywhere – to a stake, fence or plant – and is made to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. 


Size - option 1 12mm x 50m
Size - option 2 25mm x 50m
Size - option 3 25mm x 75m
Size - option 4 25mm x 100m
Size - option 5 50mm x 75m
Size - option 6 50mm x 100m
Qty / pack Roll
Available in 12 colours:  Pink, purple, blue, light blue, fluoro green, green, white, fluoro yellow, yellow, fluoro orange, orange, red
  •  Can supply other sizes to suit your application