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Brunton 3040 Ball & Socket Mount

The Brunton 3040 Ball & Socket Transit Mount facilitates the connection of the Brunton Pocket Transit compasses with monopods or tripods for stability purposes, in order to provide accurate readings. The transit mount will not interfere with compass readings, as it has been manufactured from non-magnetic materials: aluminium and brass. 

The Brunton Pocket Transit compasses are designed with custom grooves, which make them exclusively compatible with the Brunton 3040 Ball & Socket Transit Mount. The mount connects directly with Brunton’s non-magnetic tripods, monopod or Jacob’s Staff. With the addition of the Brunton Jacob’s Staff Thimble, the transit mount can be attached to a standard tapered staff or rake handle.


  • Non-magnetic materials (aluminium & brass)
  • Standard 1/4 - 20 thread
  • Rotates 360° vertically and horizontally, and can be locked in place


Description Brunton 3040 Ball & Socket Mount
Dimensions 78 x 89 x 21mm (3 x 3.5 x 0.8”)
Weight 113.4g (4oz)