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Brunton 3051 Non-Magnetic Tripod

The Brunton 3051 tripod has been constructed with non-magnetic materials in order to ensure that compass readings experience zero interference. The tripod’s legs can be stabilised by adjusting them individually and are made from strong, lightweight aluminium. 

The Brunton 3051 tripod is fitted with a brass cap that has standard threads for compatibility purposes, so that it can connect with other Brunton instruments directly. The Brunton Pocket Transit compasses must make use of the Brunton Ball & Socket Transit Mount in conjunction with the tripod.


  • Non-magnetic materials (aluminium & brass)
  • Standard 1/4 - 20 thread
  • Legs have 2 adjustable sections
  • Pointed tips at the end of the legs for more traction (non-slip use)


Description Brunton 3051 Non-Magnetic Tripod
Adjustable Length 482 – 1220mm (19 – 48”)
Collapsed Dimensions 490 x 89 x 20mm (19 x 3.5 x 0.8”)
Weight 703g (24.8oz)